Sunday and a day of rest

No house work done yesterday much to busy having fun.  The weather for the shoot was nice and dry but there was a wind that was coming straight from Siberia.  Now here is a laugh for you.  One of the guns wives had brought their married daughter to the shoot as she had a new black lab which had been professionally trained but had never been on a shoot as she [the dog] was only 18 mths old.  I was asked to take them under my wing and look after them and show them the ropes!!!  You will appreciate just how ironic this is as I am only now getting to grips with the etiquette myself.  It reminds me some what of the surgeons motto of "see one, do one, teach one".  Anyway they both did well and the dog did get a retrieve as I sent Basso for a difficult bird which left the easy one for her to get.  The thrill for the dog owner is all in the risk when you send your dog out for a bird you are never quite sure what will happen - will the dog run off with the bird and find a nice quiet corner to sit and eat it or will he come back to you.  It is all about trust and the sheer delight when that trust is repaid.  On the final drive I decided it was time to trust Basso not to "run in" and collect the birds as they fell but to wait until he was sent to get them.  He sat alongside me like a rock as birds fell - no lead - just trust.  When the whistle went I then sent him off and away he went over the barbed wire and then the electric fence to fetch a big cock pheasant.    Wonderful....  The rules are that you don't send the dog for dead birds until the final whistle but you do send them if the bird is alive or just wounded and running so that they can be quickly dispatched and suffer as little as possible.
The bag yesterday broke the shoot record of 110 with 112 birds shot, so in the butlers pantry or should that be the game larder [garage] there are two brace of birds hanging which will be ready to deal with on Wednesday when they will get the sous vide treatment as per the British Larder recipe.  We got home at about 4pm cold and tired but very well satisfied with a good days work.  Supper was a trip to the chip shop for a fish supper and then it was off to bed and I was out cold by 8.30.  Given that I had been up since 3am that was not at all bad.

Today I have no idea what I am doing for food other than making a loaf of bread as the last one has had a bit of a bashing.  This is problem as good bread gets eaten while shop bought grows mildew!!!

Many years ago I bought a picnic set which is so small that it lives in the car and comes in handy for the shoot days.  In the photo I have put my mobile phone to give you an appreciation of size.  The contents is absolutely ideal for two.
A table cloth
chopping board
cheese knife
bottle opener/corkscrew
salt and pepper
then cutlery, glasses  napkins and plates for two

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