Saturday morning

It is dry and 10 degrees so not too bad but the wind is whistling around the house.  So all in all not too bad a day for pheasant shooting.

Yesterday, saw us out bright and early with the dogs then home to get on with making a few bits and pieces.  The new ramekins got filled with crème brulee and in the absence of a blow torch I managed to make the caramel tops with the halogen grill which is very hot.  I have also worked out the recipe as for one egg yolk so I can now multiply it up as necessary.
1egg yolk + 75mls cream + 15g sugar, vanilla to taste then 14minutes at 83 degrees, a good shake and then a final 14 minutes before pouring into ramekins and allowing to set.  Very easy and no guess work!!! for perfect results each time.

The left overs pie [goose and pheasant breast] went down well for the first course then we set too making a bed for Shiona in the front room.  Fortunately I have a blow up bed which takes minutes to inflate and is really very comfortable.

I slept very well in my bed now that at last I have my silk duvet which has made its way from China by sea.  The duvet weighs 2 kilos which is a light as a feather and you feel as if you are sleeping under an empty cover but yet you are as warm as toast.  The insulation value of the quilt is absolutely fabulous.  The interesting thing is that quilts are costed by weight not size so a single 2 kilo will cost exactly the same as a king size 2 kilo as they would both contain the same amount of silk.  Anyway I am delighted with it and may well think of changing my other duvets to silk.

NAVY BLUE Satin Double Bed Duvet Cover & Fitted Sheet Set
Imagine the luxury satin sheets, silk duvet and memory foam mattress.  I really should get a good nights sleep!!!!

This morning we are all going to the shoot as Shiona wanted to see Basso in action.  We will all need plenty of layers if we are not to freeze while standing in fields.  Shiona is well equipped for bad weather coming as she does from Scotland.  She arrived bearing a large pot of leek and potato soup which I will shortly heat and pour into our flasks.  We also take a flask of hot tea and I have lots of pasties for us by way of solid food.  Mike will be left behind with the 4 terriers for company and as luck would have it a spare crème brulee for his lunch.

Shiona has just finished knitting a baby blanket for a friend and I have volunteered to make a crochet edge for it which will keep my fingers busy for while, then it can be posted off to Australia for the new baby.  I think it should only take me a couple of evenings to finish so not too much work.

By the time we get back this evening I think we will all be very tired so supper is likely to be a take away of some sort, unless I feel like making the other half of the belly of pork which only needs a blast in a hot oven.  I could run up a cauliflower cheese to go with it while I wait for the others to get up then the whole problem is solved.

Anyway wish us luck on our shoot and lets hope Basso performs as well as he can.
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