Saturday morning

Another cupboard got done this one has all the tea and coffee kit as well as all the baking tins for loaves and cakes.  It is usually in a complete mess but at last I have got it sorted out and cleaned.  I do need a stool to get to the top of the cupboard which means it does get left untouched and things get lobbed back into it when I cant be bothered.

 Next it was on with making a loaf of bread.  As you can see this was a very successful venture and the bread turned out very light and fluffy and quite irresistible.  But what of the sous vide machine you ask? Don't tell my you are bored with it already.  No chance breakfast was an egg cooked for 45 minutes in the shell then cracked and out spilled a poached egg onto a slice of hot toast.  Most intriguing!!  Lunch was a steak sandwich.  First I did some mushrooms under vacuum with a knob of butter, these were firm in texture with not a hint of slimeyness or floppyness but a good strong mushroom flavour.  The steak was cooked for 25 minutes then flashed in a pan to brown the outside.  It was beautifully medium rare right through and though it was a little tough that may well have been the steak itself.  Next it was on to some fruit pouches apples pears and plums vacuumed with a teaspoon of sugar and left in the water bath as it cooled down.  Now they can sit around until we are in the mood for a dessert.

For supper we had some chicken liver pate that I made by vacuuming the livers with some butter and herbs then blitzing when cooked and covered with a little melted butter.  There is sufficient left for Mikes lunch today and it has been decided that supper will be a take away.  I quite fancy fish and chips....  I spent a good time in the garage yesterday shredding news paper for the chickens but sadly I failed to do the ironing so that had better be top of today's list.

So today, we are off to the shoot and while I can hear the wind whistling in the chimney it is dry and the weather forecast is for a dry day and a bit warmer too. However after all the recent rain it is going to be muddy that is for certain.  Lunch will be a flask of hot scotch broth and a bread roll which should keep us going especially if we have a decent porridge breakfast.  The car is loaded up with a box full of all the kit - boots. hats, gloves all of assorted weights to cope with whatever the weather throws at us.  The box tends to live in the car during the hunting season but will need to be removed tomorrow as the car is due to go into the garage on Monday to have the brakes done.  New discs and pad all round, ouch that is going to cost!!! Still I will feel happier once it is done.

OK enough scribbling time to get the show on the road have a good day all....

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