Saturday and Beaters day

After all the anticipation it looks like we will not be going to the shoot today.  Tuc has been very ill and spent most of yesterday in the vet being rehydrated on a drip.  The vet is unsure what the problem is but his best guess is gastroenteritis ? cause.  Fortunately, the other dogs seem to be fine so I am hoping it is nothing infectious.  If Basso started vomiting we would need a boat.  No sooner than we got Tuc home last night than he was sick again but is now holding water down and has been put on cage rest.  We are due to take him to the vet again at 9am which means that the shoot will not be possible.  As you can imagine I am pretty gutted but the dog comes first so we will get him sorted out and forego the shooting there is always next year.  One good thing is that I have made a pile of scotch eggs so at least we wont have to worry about lunch.   Last nights dinner was served in two sections we had one piece of toast with the Morecambe bay shrimps before collecting Tuc and a piece of toast with soft herring roe when we returned.  The kitchen smell a bit like a fish and chip shop this morning but I am sure that a quick whip round with a damp cloth will soon sort that out.

Poor sad boy banged up on cage rest but as you can see he feels too poorly to mind much.

On one of our trips to the vet we doubled back and called in at a new farm shop which is situated in Brompton which is on the outskirts of Chatham.  Sadly not a good place for such a shop which sells rare breed meat.  The proprietor congratulated me on being the fist person to recognise curly kale which says everything.   Anyway, we bought some long horn steaks and I have passed them through the sous vide machine to medium rare so now all they need is to be flashed on a hot griddle to acquire some bar marks.  All his meat is 28 days hung so that is a good sign but I will let you know what the results are when we eat it.

I made some dumplings to go with the ox cheek stew but they tasted most strange I think it was possibly due to rather stale suet so they were banished to the chicken food bin along with the remaining elderly suet.  Needless to say the hens thought they had died and gone to heaven.  The stew got divided in two and one half is for the freezer the other half we ate for lunch with some parsnip purée and brussel sprouts.

James went and assembled his friends bed for her now all she needs is a mattress to go on it then she can abandon the air bed she has been sleeping on for the past month or so.  Setting up a home is an expensive process and therefore it happens in dribs and drabs.

We seem to be having a real run of bad luck at the moment so lets hope things pick up from now on and things start to go our way.

At least if we are to abandon the shoot we might treat ourselves to the Saturday Telegraph and have some fun with the crossword puzzle.

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