Monday morning

The eager boys waiting for supper

Yesterday started with a trip to the vet at 9 am and we now know what has been going on with Tuc he has pancreatitis.  Anyway at least we now know what to do so he is on protein and carbohydrate only NO FAT. Well all the regular dog food we have has a proportion of fat in it so I had to use my culinary skills to prepare his food.  For breakfast he had an egg white omelet with a table spoon of porridge.  The for his supper he had some sloppy polenta and pheasant breast.  Fortunately I had plenty of pheasant in the fridge which had been through the sous vide machine.  He seems better in himself and is very keen to eat!!!!

Then it was off to Faversham to get some coffee - and a few other bits and pieces including some biltong that was reduced.  While we were out James had been put in charge of the Heston chicken that had been brined and then needed 2 hours at 90 degrees.  We called in on Sandi to return her first aid kit and after a nice chat we made our way home with three partridges.  The chicken had reached the required 60 degrees so out it came and the oven was bumped up to 265 a temperature I have never used!!!  Then it was put back in to get a browning as it did look rather anaemic.  Well this is what you want to know was it any good?  It was fabulous so juicy and tender you could have eaten it with a spoon.  We all agreed that the messing around was well worth it.  The carcass is in the pressure cooker now and I am hopeful of some nice stock.

After the lunch things were cleared up I took myself to bed for a snooze - disaster - I shivered and shivered though I wasn't cold then finally at about 5pm the fever took hold and I started to sweat and boil.  This is really weird as I have no other symptoms apart from feeling a bit jaded. No sore throat or cold symptoms no tummy troubles and this morning I feel fine apart from a bit of back ache.  What is going on?  Fingers crossed it is just a passing viral thing.....  I am sure that with all the stress of late my immune system is completely shot.

Anyway, we are starting today with another trip to the vet and then I have agreed to take James friend to the cash and carry and then give her a bread making lesson which as it turns out is a great bit of timing as I need to make bread anyway.  I thought I would make some meat balls for lunch which we can have with tomato sauce and pasta. Nice and easy especially if I have already made the meat balls and sauce which is where I will start as soon as I have finished this epistle.


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