Monday morning

Yesterday was a day of rest and laundry. Some how I seemed to have loads of sheets that needed dealing with so now I have a nice stack of ironing.  Talking of bedding I must tell you about my new silk duvet.  The first thing you notice is that you feel as if you only have a sheet covering you because it is so light.  However the warmth is great and while I am all lovely and toasty I don't get too hot and have to kick it off.  The second really good feature is that despite being in a faux satin cover it doesn't slip and slide all over the place.  The hypo-allergenic quality doesn't matter to me but I know that that is why most people usually buy them.  They are on sale in John Lewis but the quality is not as good as those directly from China and the cost is more.  It did take three months to arrive by sea but in the end it was worth the wait.  So we are now ordering a 2 kilo king size which is the same price as a 2 kilo single as they are sold by weight not size.

Lunch yesterday was nice and easy we just had the last of the leek and potato soup that Shiona had made with a bread roll from the freezer.  Supper was for 4 of us so I took out 4 of the partially cooked lamb rumps and bashed them under the grill and served them with mash and peas.  Then poached fruit and custard for desert.
James had been up to his flat with a friend and shut the place down completely so as to conserve money and get it ready to put on the market as soon as feasible.  He also received a nice appropriate card from his colleagues.

Shiona has very kindly offered James space in her huge garage to store his stuff until he can get back on his feet, which will make things much easier than having to get the flat cleared.  Sadly we just don't have the space to keep it all.

Basso spent the day resting his weary bones and eating as if it were going out of fashion.  We are hoping to go shooting on Wednesday so we can get in some practice in time for Saturday when we will be shooting for real on Beaters day.  Last year it nearly killed me to carry my gun for miles.  It is not a field gun and therefore weighs a ton.  However, we have decided that James and I will take turn and turn about, one will shoot the other will pick up with Basso.  This will cut down the work load and James will be in charge of carrying the gun.  Then after that the season is over until October :(  I already have some pea and ham soup in the freezer for our lunch but I fancy nice home-made scotch eggs to go with it.  I also need to plan a shooting lunch for Wednesday and of course everyone will want to eat today so I had better get my thinking cap on while I get stuck into the ironing.

Have a good day all......


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