Monday morning

Bread Making day


I got a bit distracted so the loaves are rather well baked but never the less delicious and the mini loaves act as bread rolls for accompanying a bowl of soup.

We had a nice frosty walk with the dogs and they were surprised to find their usual paddling pool had turned into a rather unsafe ice rink.  Basso was completely in hunting mode and searching every bush for birds with no success.  Once we were home it was on with lunch which was some of the sous vide belly of pork, crisped up in the halogen oven served with carrot and swede mash, parsnip purée and cabbage cooked with bacon and chestnuts.  Sounds like a lot of work but actually it was merely a case of opening a few bags and warming things through.  

Then it was on with another experiment.  I have made crème brulee in the sous vide machine which is quite an interesting performance but it looks fine and it will form part of our lunch today as we are expecting Shiona.  She has her dogs booked in to have their hair cut at the torture parlour so they will be dropped off at 9am and  fetched at 4pm.  In the interim she will be staying with us.  I know she will want to play with the sous vide machine so I though I would shoot out early and get some chicken breasts to cook for lunch, I already have some baby potatoes done with butter and pepper and some baby spinach to make a salad with.     So far, for those of you who have been following the saga, I have been delighted with everything I have done in the machine and I can see why the chefs go mad for them it must make running a restaurant much easier.  This might illustrate the point I peeled and sliced some potatoes on Monday and vac packed them.  On Thursday I put them through the water bath as it was on cooking other things and last night I sautéed them in a pan with some onion and a fried egg for supper.  This time frame could well have been extended considerably but just happened to be convenient.  It is a great way to rescue vegetables that might be on the blink but don't fit with the menu for that day.  A pack of cooked sliced potatoes comes in really handy especially when you have an unexpected extra mouth to feed.  So with this in mind I am going to prepare some more potatoes to have on stand by.  I am down to my last packet of fruit so I may well buy a bit more when I am shopping then I can maximise the time the machine is cooking and make sure it is full.  

I haven't seen Shiona since before Christmas so we are sure to have loads to talk about.  I know that she has been having fun and games with her mother who is now getting very elderly and the weather in Scotland has been terrible and they were without electricity for days.  There is something to be said for living in the South East even if we do get the wind from Siberia.

Good luck, "in bocca al lupo", with the Greek exams Anne hope it all goes well and I am sure you will do well.......
In bocca al lupo è un augurio scherzoso di buona fortuna che si rivolge a chi sta per sottoporsi ad una prova difficile.


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