Monday morning

Yesterday went more or less according to plan the dogs got a walk and the hens got looked after.  Mike went and did a bit of shopping for a couple of bits and pieces and I made a nice prawn risotto for lunch.  It was served with a couple of scallops on the top.  These had been cooked for ages in the water bath and then just given a flash in the pan to caramelise the outside.  Absolutely perfectly cooked!!!  I also made a wholemeal loaf which is now in the freezer ready sliced.  Mike was so taken with the fruit that he bought a load more so that too has been pealed, sliced, bagged and poached.  For dinner we had some left over turkey which had been vacuum packed at Christmas and just left in the bottom of the fridge.  I served it with some carrot and swede mash and some hot gravy.

Once all the gadding about was done we then had the difficult job of collapsing all the back seats in the Landrover to push the dog cage out of the way so that we could find the locking wheel nut spanner.  Well, to cut a long story short, it was nowhere to be found - big panic - as the car is booked in to Halfords to have its brakes done today.  This means an early start for Mike as we will have to drive over to Landrover some 20 miles away and get them to a] provide a nut remover or b] replace the locking nuts with ordinary nuts until such time as one can be located.  This is a real nuisance as you can imagine as we will need to be at Landrover by 8am and hopefully turn the whole thing around in time for our 10am appointment with Halfords back in Strood.  The interesting thing is that we have, fortunately, never had occasion to use the locking wheel nut remover and all of the jack and bits are in their pouch completely untouched.  The wheels have always been dealt with by Landrover so they are the only ones who have ever used the remover and I can only surmise that they have failed to put it back in its place or somewhere that none of us can find.  So that is this mornings mission and everything else will have to wait until we have sorted out this problem.  You may wonder why we are using Halfords instead of Landrover well that is easy to answer it will cost about half the price.  Halfords are also doing a deal to replace both pads and/or shoes FREE for the rest of OUR lives not that of the car.  Sounds good to me!!!!

I must admit to feeling very tired when I woke this morning at 3am but no doubt I will brighten up as the morning wears on and the caffeine kicks in.  My next problem is trying to decide what to have for lunch and dinner.  Lunch had better be something easy as I will be out for most of the morning perhaps some leeks in cheese sauce that I can just bung under the grill or in the oven for a few minutes might fit the bill.  As for dinner who knows!!!
Wish us luck with our endeavours today and lets hope it all goes smoothly and doesn't cost too much.  Have a good day all and by the way I finally got the ironing done just in time for the next load of washing tomorrow. OK decisions made leeks ham and cheese sauce
 Ham in bottom of dish
 Cheese and cornflour ready to make Heston cheese sauce
 Steamed leek added
 Covered with ham
Covered with sauce and bread crumbs and Parmesan ready to gratinate the top before grilling

Supper pork chops vac bagged and in the sous vide and savoy cabbage shredded for buttered cabbage.

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