Friday morning

Good morning all, well it is only just morning and here I am again.  Sleep seems to be a bit of a luxury at the moment.  I think I have been running on pure adrenalin for some time and until my anger has burned itself out I think I will have to resign myself to rather short nights.  Yesterday, again saw us eating out of bags of pre cooked sous vide food which has been a real boon,  I also set to and made a game pie but in the style of a shepherds pie with a mashed potato crust.  I also got another loaf done and continued with the cupboard cleaning.  I find that there is nothing like a bit of anger to push me forward with cleaning jobs.

Shiona is due to come this evening but she is having boiler problems and may have to dip out if she can't get it fixed.  I hope she can make it as she has at last received our silk duvets from China and I can't wait to try mine.  However, I am sure we can manage to eat the whole game pie regardless.  This morning I am going to make some pea and ham soup for the hunt with a nice cooked hock from Tesco and some yellow split peas.  Mike wiped the bakers out of pasties so we have a nice supply of those for our packed lunch.  It looks like the weather may well dry up for Saturday but it is going to be both cold and windy so it will be layers of thermal everything as you do get cold standing around.

I notice that Mike has bought more cream on his shopping "therapy" expedition which can only mean that he is rather keen for more crème brulee.  He has even bought some ramekins of the right size.

Do you think I had better take the hint and make him some?  Incidentally while cleaning out the cupboards I found various packets with vanilla beans in them all a bit dry and shrivelled so I have put them in a jar and covered with a good slosh of vodka and I am hoping that in a couple of months time I will have my own vanilla extract.

Well I think I am going to go back to bed and see if I can't get a couple more hours sleep before starting another day.  It is pretty chilly sitting here with no heating and the warmth of my bed is very appealing.....

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