Friday morning

Oh how the mighty are fallen!!!! - I failed to do any more cupboards yesterday as I was completely consumed with playing with my new toy the sous vide machine.  It was a really blustery and wet day but I did get the chickens sorted out and fresh bedding put in for them.  At least I only got wet between the shed and the greenhouse.

Now what did I cook - for lunch I did some mackerel fillets with some gremolata and a trout fillet with lemon slices, vac packed, all served with home made tartar sauce.  When I took the cooked fish out of the water bath I then dropped it on a red hot griddle pan to crisp the skin.  If I were being picky I thought the fish was over cooked very slightly.  Next time I think a slightly lower temperature is called for.  Then for supper I did some pork shoulder chops, they had 5 hours cooking and when done I drained off the liquid that had accumulated in the bag which I used for the gravy - this set like concrete in an instant as it was pure gelatine.  Again the chops were given a browning by about a minute in a hot pan.  They were delicious and so tender and moist - most successful.  Now, on to the vegetables I did potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  All the vegetables held their shape and a pleasing degree of firmness but were cooked completely.  Both the carrots and potatoes were very nice but I thought the broccoli held on to too much of the cabbagey sulphurous flavours which were not so nice.  Now for another bit of good news there was only the griddle pan to wash up and multiple empty vac bags to throw away.  One thing I have learned is that you need to be very careful with seasoning as absolutely nothing is lost in the cooking process.  Once everything was cooked I could then have put it all in the fridge and served it at a later date.  The veg took about a minute in the microwave to reheat and ditto the chops in the pan.  In fact the item which took the longest was making the gravy. This would seem to be an absolute boon if you have had a busy day and can't be bothered to cook but need a good meal.  It takes a bit of juggling to get the various items cooked at the required temperatures but that is part of the learning process.  I am sure that once I have the system cracked it will prove a real asset.  If you ever want rave reviews for your cooking can I suggest you feed it to dogs they are most appreciative as I found out when I put the left over carrots and gravy on their breakfast.

Today, I would like to prepare a supper for us when I come back from the shoot on Saturday.  I will be exhausted, starving and definitely not in the mood to start cooking.  I will also need to make something for lunch for Mike, for me, it will be a flask of scotch broth and some bread and butter.  Talking of which in need to make another loaf.

Now with all this talk of food I have not had the courage, until today, to stand on the scales since the Christmas binge but to my amazement I have only gained one pound so that should be easy enough to take off with a little careful eating.

OK time to catch up on jobs left undone and push on with the spring clean before I get embroiled in cooking.
Have a nice day all.  It is all quiet here no wind, no rain but only 4 degrees.

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