Friday morning and the end of another week

As you can see the strelizia flower is still not open, any bets on when it will finally break out?  The vase of lilies however are opening and scenting the whole room.

Yesterday was a nasty wet day so we decided that we would only take Tuc for a short walk as he was still feeling delicate.  Over the course of the day he had about 5 meals of just a tablespoon of boiled rice with water and the vomiting has stopped and he is looking a little brighter.  Today we will move on to rice mixed with some of his regular biscuits at about a 50:50 ratio made into a sloppy gruel and see how he gets on.

After our walk we swung by the butcher to pick up my sharpened knives and while we were there I bought some 4 ox cheeks which are in the slow cooker with a can of Mackeson and an onion.  Once tender I will add an assortment of vegetables and thicken the gravy then divide into portions and off it goes into the freezer ready for pies or stews.  Then it was on to the fishmonger for some undyed smoked haddock for my kedgeree and needless to say while I was there I bought some Morecambe bay shrimps and some soft herring roes which speak to me of a nice supper with lots of hot buttered toast. I had been admiring some lovely sprats, which apparently had been caught in the Medway the previous evening, and when I got home I found a nice bag full in with the other fish.  So it was a quick change of plan and the kedgeree was forwarded to supper and the sprats became lunch.  There were rather too many for us so the two fit dogs had a portion each.

Today, I have my work cut out as I need to make some bread and also need to make the scotch eggs for our picnic and Mikes lunch on Saturday.  The pea and ham soup is already made and just needs defrosting.  James is off to his friends house to see in a bed which she has on order but because she is on duty she cannot be at home to receive it. So, I think we will be 2 for lunch and possibly 4 for dinner.  Running a flexible catering department can be quite taxing!!!!  If I hold the stew back from the freezer that will be OK should I need a meal for 4.  At the moment it is impossible to plan as things are so fluid and I never know quite what we are doing or how many we will be.

Anyway one thing is for certain sitting here whining about it will not get anything done!!!!

Have a good day all and lets hope the weather is a bit kinder.....
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