First things first, let me wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  All went well yesterday and the leg of lamb was good.  We had had a nice walk with the dogs while it was in the oven so everyone was happy. Poor Basso went mad when I put on my heavy coat [the one I wear for hunting] as he assumed we must be going to get some birds!!!!   The lentils were very tasty and a great antidote to all the rich food we have been having over the holiday period.

Now, time for confessions, the photo shows the cupboards I have done but yesterday I failed to do one so this morning by way of punishment I will be doing two.  Next, I must own up to succumbing to temptation and sending off for a sous vide machine which will take some 7-23 days to arrive. This will give me plenty of time to research recipes.  I did save myself £50 by ordering on line rather than getting it from Lakeland so I am feeling a little less guilty.  In the mean time I have plenty of left overs to deal with.  There is a large portion of the lentils still left which will feed Mike and I for today and the remains of the lamb leg will be transformed into shepherds pie filling.  I cannot make it into shepherds pies as I am clean out of potatoes for the top.  However, perhaps that is a good thing and will kick start me back to low carb eating.  Margaret and Len left us with a tub of goose fat for their roast potatoes.  She has her widowed sister coming today and is cooking some roast beef so beautiful roast potatoes will be most welcome.  Good job I chose to do the lamb!!!

My kitchen looks a bit of a tip this morning as I broke out all the nice china etc.. for yesterday so now it will all have to be returned to its rightful place and the dish washer will be working overtime.

Under the sink is not too bad as I gave that a good clean out some time ago but it always looks a mess with all the pipework form the the sinks.  Please note the draw in the plinth where I keep all my roasting tins.  When we had the kitchen done I had several draws put into the plinths as it seemed such a real waste of space.  They have proved very useful for all sorts of flat things.

Believe it or not the cupboard on the right has been done but this morning will see me strip out the one on the left I know it doesn't look too bad but you can't see the sticky mess that is under the bottles and jars.  Why does glass leak?  I never knowingly put things away with drips but some how there is always some sticky mess under the jars.  And guess what, the linen basket is full again I don't know who makes all these things dirty, it must be the dogs.

It is still incredibly mild here with the thermometer reading 11 degrees this morning, I think we may well pay for this come February or March or may be I am just being a pessimist.

My new years resolution is to deepen my laughter lines by smiling a lot.....and I have started already as I type Basso is having a very exciting dream and is howling and barking in his sleep which is really quite funny....

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