Wednesday morning

By rights today should be bin day, but it will not happen until tomorrow as Monday was a bank holiday.  Yesterday saw a great day in the kitchen with all the vegetables being prepared and frozen.  I made a leeks with a cheese sauce for lunch and followed a Heston recipe which I found in the Radio Times.  Instead of making a roux based bechamel sauce to start with you just heat the liquid and then add the grated cheese, which has been tossed in some cornflour, a little at a time until it is all incorporated and the sauce thickens.  This method gives a much stronger cheese flavour and is easily lump free.

A friend gave me a lovely Paul Hollywood book on bread making as a Christmas present so I set too and made a nice cob loaf by hand.  I had bought a lump of yeast while I was out shopping before Christmas so I was able to use that and what a difference.  The commercial sliced bread that I had bought was horrid, it was so sweet and doughy.  It is now relegated to chicken food along with some red cabbage that I cooked but has a nasty bitter after taste!  The new loaf was cool enough to cut and so supper was just a slab of bread and some cheese.  While I waited for the bread to prove I managed to finish the crossword puzzle so all in all a very pleasant day.

I have visitors for new year and I am having difficulty thinking what to feed them.  After all the Christmas food it is difficult to think what to do.  I do have a nice leg of lamb in the freezer and at the moment that is top of my list.  However, I am tempted to make the traditional Italian meal of lentils and cotechino sausage which I love.

It is not the most appetising looking dish but the flavours are stunning especially if the polenta is made with shed loads of butter and cheese.

I am very fortunate that the wonderful Jane is due tomorrow so at least the house will get a bit of a clean and tidy.  I still have some laundry to deal with and the beds will need changing so that should keep me occupied.

It is still remarkably mild here but the wind has got up and it is really blowing, just my sort of weather, so I feel a nice long walk with the dogs coming on.  They tend to go a bit crazy when it is very windy, I suppose the smells must be incredible for them.

As today is a bit of a nothing day I think I may make a start on cleaning out my kitchen cupboards which is where I usually start the spring cleaning.  If I do one cupboard per day it will soon get done, well that's the theory anyway!!!!  It is always so much easier to write about than to actually accomplish!!!!  I also have a confession to make I not been anywhere near the scales and I am sure I have gained a few extra pounds which will need to be taken off as soon as the holidays are over.  I don't make new year resolutions as I am sure they are doomed to failure but I do try to kick myself into touch as regards my weight.

What have you got planned for today?

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