Wednesday morning and bin day

The first camellia is in bloom can you believe it.  The computer is still playing up and has suddenly decided that I don't have the correct permissions to open some of my photos.  It is all a bit crazy yesterday it was fine and today it is having a hissy fit.  

Yesterday passed uneventfully but I never did get round to going and collecting my holly so perhaps that will need go get pushed on to today.  The plumber eventually arrived at about 6pm and we now have a leak free toilet.  

Today is going to be a busy one as I need to get the pheasants undressed so that all the feathers and guts can go out for the dustmen rather than hang around until after Christmas.  I will also need to get the garden cleared of dog poo for the same reasons.  This means getting to grips with these jobs at first light as our dustmen arrive pretty early.  The pheasants are going to be casseroled so they can go in the oven for a good few hours and be out of the way.  The for lunch I am going to make some scotch eggs which I have a fancy for and for supper we will be having a risotto with some of the wonderful fish I have in the freezer.  

At 10 am I am due at friends for coffee and to deliver the presents for her children before they set off for their Christmas holidays in Wales. I think it is going to be a pretty busy morning one way and another but at least I don't have any shopping to do so I can avoid the crowds.  My vegetable box arrived yesterday so I have plenty to see me over the holidays.  The hens demolished all the goodies I gave them and the bones have been stripped completely clean, however, they are running short of bedding so I will be spending some time shredding news paper for them.

As you can see it is the middle of the night again so I am going to make the scotch eggs now while it is dark and quiet before I brace myself for the outdoor work once it is light.  I think I am going to need my afternoon nap in a major way today as I haven't managed one yet this week and I am getting progressively more tired.

Anyway have a nice day all and I hope you manage to get all your tasks accomplished.....
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