Wednesday morning and bin day

My box of veg minus a small cauliflower which we had bathed in cheese sauce last night for supper.  I see mushrooms cooked with garlic and parsley and served on hot buttered toast, leek and potato soup and artichoke soup, a pepper and tomato stew and the cabbage finely shredded with a lovely roasted ham hock and Dijon mustard.  As we speak there is an ox tail in the slow cooker with all the usual suspects carrot onion and celery and a can of stout.  Oh I do love winter cookery, slow but very warming and tasty.

I took the dogs for a quick blast yesterday but Tuc decided to lag behind, then panicked because he thought he was lost and Mike found him running around the car park like a headless chicken.   I am beginning to worry for his sanity he really seem very accident prone of late.  Basso received an invitation to go rough shooting on Friday so that should keep us out of mischief for the afternoon.  I only hope that he doesn't have another bur experience at least not until the new comb arrives.

Today I am off shooting with Jeff and Shiona and lets hope I shoot better than I did last time which was dismal but my excuse is that I was coming down with the cold and feeling very off colour.  My partridges are now ready to be plucked and drawn but they could wait a couple more days as the weather has been nice and cold.  I will have to see when I have time to do them.  It is a bit of a fiddly and messy job but hopefully worth it.  The pheasants I usually just skin as I can't be bothered to pluck them and as the meat is usually casseroled it doesn't really matter.

I have all but finished knitting my waistcoat now all I have left is the button band which requires a pick up of some 500 stitches on a circular needle then the arm holes.  If I have sufficient wool left over I will make a couple of patch pockets for the front as I do like to have pockets in things.  Anyway I have several days more amusement out of it.

It is really blowing like mad outside which will make the shooting extra fun!!!! but at least is isn't raining and the temperature is a bit better at 8 degrees however, I think the wind chill factor will make it feel very cold so I think I might break out my silk long Johns.

Have a good day all and keep warm.......

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