Wednesday and bin day

After the huge storm of the other night we actually had a rather nice day yesterday with plenty of sunshine.  However, we keep getting weather warnings of another even more powerful storm on the way which I believe is due to hit tonight.  Fortunately, we suffered no damage other than a few things blown around the garden.  Mark came and tidied up and also removed an acer from behind the pond which looked like it was dying.  When he lent on it it snapped off at the root which was rotten.  I am really sad to see it go as it was one of the first plants we put in the garden when we moved in but I guess everything has a life span.  It has left a pretty large gap which will need to be filled but I will leave that until the spring.  We are hoping to put in a new filtration system which will need a bit of space so perhaps it is all for the best.   I did manage to get the pump out of the pond and cleaned in the morning so that will not need to be touched for a little while.

Yesterday was a day for restocking our animal fodder ready for the Christmas period so we now have sacks of dog and chicken food piled in the garage.  I also bought the dogs a pigs ear each by way of a xmas present.  They absolutely adore them and it takes them most of the day to munch their way through them.  I got all the Christmas cards done and sent off with the exception of the local ones that will be hand delivered.

After lunch both Mike and I had appointments to have our hair cut so neither of us got an afternoon nap.  I was absolutely dying on my feet at about 1pm but by the time I had got home the sleepiness had passed and I felt reasonably OK to get on with the supper.  We had some lamb rump with dauphinoise potatoes and curly kale followed by some blackcurrant jelly with a splash of cream.  We then had to wait for the plumber who never showed which was all a bit distressing.  I hate waiting for people who don't turn up!!!  Let's hope he comes today!!!  We were supposed to go shooting today but I have heard from no one so it may be off especially if the weather is a bit rough.

After yesterdays busy day I fell asleep very early and needless to say woke up at 2.30 which is all bit of a nuisance.  So I had better make sure I get an afternoon nap or I will be getting a bit frayed around the edges. I got a bit of bad news last night which has not helped with the sleep situation.  My sister, who lives in Italy, rang me to say her husband had died.  This was not unexpected as he had cancer and had been very poorly but it is always a shock when it finally happens.  She is now having to deal with all the Italian bureaucracy which is something she could well do without.

I am now going to fill in a couple of hours with some ironing which will keep me warm until the heating kicks in.  I also have my veg box to sort out and meals to plan for the day.  Have good day all and lets hope the storm passes us by.....
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