Tuesday morning

All over for another year now all that's left is to clear up and wade you way through the mountains of left overs.  I had a session with the vacuum packer yesterday and sliced lots of turkey and got it put away.  I made loads of bubble and squeak which is in the freezer and today will also be vacuum packed.  Wet things don't vac pack so I freeze them first.  This means you can even vac pack soup, talking of which that is what we  had for supper last night.  A large mug of restorative broth made from all the debris from the Christmas meals.

The weather was so mild that I took the dogs out for a run without even bothering to put on a coat.  It was lovely and there were loads of people doing just the same thing, walking off their over indulgence.  Everyone was cheerful and we all passed the time of day, with the exception of a pair of very thin ladies who obviously took their running very seriously.  They had faces like slapped backsides and piled into a large BMW in the car-park and drove away at high speed with no seat belts, presumably on their way to the gym to punish themselves a bit more.

I am a little concerned with the hens who look very mangy and I am not sure whether they are just moulting or if we have an attack of red mite.  Anyway, I have ordered the stuff to deal with the mites which I will use just in case.  There is powder to put on the hens and a smoke bomb to fumigate the greenhouse.  Anyway, I will keep a close eye on them and if necessary give them the treatment.

After the excesses of the last couple of days today we are going to have leeks in cheese sauce for lunch and I am going to spend some time sorting out the excess of vegetables that I have left.  Swede and carrot mash, parsnip purée, spiced red cabbage, and savoy cabbage with bacon and chestnuts.  Once done these can all be frozen for use at a later date.  Tonight we will have another mug of soup and a nice crisp salad.

I must own up to running the washing machine yesterday as the pile of dirty laundry was getting unmanageable.  Which means, I can start today with an ironing session and get it all put away before I make a start on the beds which will need changing later this week.  As yet my silk duvet has not arrived from China, but as it is addressed to Shiona and she is in Scotland with her mother until after new year, I don't know if it is even in the country.

I was very surprised to see on the TV the crowds of people who had hit the sales!!!  They had been queuing outside "Bluewater" from 2.30 am,  they must be either mad or desperate wild horses couldn't drag me to the shops.

Anyway have a peaceful day and enjoy your leftovers!!!!!

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