Tuesday morning

Well it would seem that winter is over in Kent we are up to 6 degrees this morning so positively balmy.  Yesterday, was perishing but warmed up with the rain in the evening.  I spent most of the day dealing with left overs.  The leg of lamb has made a huge pot of scotch broth [lunch] and two shepherds pies one for supper and one in the freezer.  The chickens did well as I found some stuffed peppers in the freezer which didn't look too good so they had those along with the boiled bones from the lamb and the vegetable peelings.  They certainly thought that Christmas had come early for them as they are far from vegetarian and love some meat sadly I am clean out of beetles and worms.

Today, being the 20th, it is our quarterly day to send off our meter readings for the solar panels.  I will send them the reading and hopefully they will not require a photo of the meter but I will take one just in case.  I hope I have solved the problems with the computer but it did take quite a while of uninstalling and reinstalling the picasa programme before it seemed to stabilise.

We are hopeful that the plumber will come today and fix the leaking cistern, he has been sick for a week but is hoping to be back to work today.  The wonderful Jane is not coming until Thursday which will suit me fine and give me a chance to clear up so she can clean.  I have stripped out the oven and given that a birthday in anticipation of the birds!  I watched Raymond Blanc cook a  goose last night on BBC2 and have also watched the Hairy Bikers do the same in a very different way, now I am in a quandary as to which way to go. I like the idea of cooking just the crown separately from the legs as there is always the dilemma of, over cooking the breast in order to make sure the legs are cooked or under cooking the legs to keep the breast succulent.   Then there is the turkey dilemma to brine or not to brine and again what to do with the legs?  One year I did take the legs off and bone them out fill with stuffing and cook separately which was a great success but it doubles the work!!!!  Alternatively, as the turkey is to be served cold on boxing day I could go the whole hog and completely bone it out and stuff it and roast it that way.

As I have largely shunned the commercial side of Christmas I think I will take the dogs for a walk and pick some nice holy and ivy to decorate with as that is really traditional and I know just the place for some good holy if it is not all gone already.  Along with some nice candles it should look OK.

I have some visitors for New Year and am not sure what to give them but at the moment I am favouring a big game pie and all the trimmings.  I gave them roast beef and roast pork last year so I don't want to repeat the same thing.  For dessert I had and experiment yesterday and made a very nice blackcurrant mousse by beating some vanilla yoghurt into some setting blackcurrant jelly all of which are sugar and fat free.  He is a diabetic, so it will really fit the bill and decorated with some summer berries and a blob of cream it should look quite festive.

How are your plans going?

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