Tuesday morning

Yesterday saw me complete the allotted tasks my boots are clean again but my visit to the dentist was not without incident.  All was going well until I breathed in some of the tooth cleaning powder from his polishing brush and there then ensued the most dramatic and prolonged coughing fit you can imagine.  I emerged into the waiting room to tell Mike it was his turn still coughing a spluttering with my eyes and nose streaming.  I ended up sitting in the garden for a while as I tried to regain my composure.  What I had not realised was there was a patient waiting who was absolutely terrorised by the dentist - well he legged it.....  Mike merely commented to the dentist that he had failed to finish me off.  Thank goodness we are not due back until June!!!!

The sea food risotto was a great success especially as I had taken all the shells from the freezer and made a shell fish reduction once they had been roasted off in the oven.  I have reduced it down to about half a pint and put it in small pots ready to be frozen for any other sea food dished.  I really does make a big difference and I have been collecting crab shells and prawn head for a while.   Anyway it has cleared a bit of space in the freezer and all the detritus can go out for the bin men tomorrow.

The welsh dresser got stripped dusted and polished the contents put through the dish washer so today it can all be put back together  and will only need a dust for the next few months.  The plumber arrived at about 6pm and will be back this evening once he has bought the relevant part to fix the cistern.  It is not a simple ball cock job as it is one of the water saving double flush types which are prone to going wrong.  Anyway once it is fixed it should last a few years.

The one job I didn't get round to was the Christmas cards so I guess they are now top of the list for today as time is getting short.  Mark the gardener is due but it is blowing hard and raining so I am not sure if he will come.  There is not a great deal to do in the garden at this time of the year but it does look better for a good tidy.

Today, I am due at the hair dresser at 1.45 and by then I will be happy to sit as getting up very early means I am usually out of gas by lunch time and in need of a rest.  Now I need to plan what we are going to eat for lunch and dinner.  I have some nice lamb chump chops which will make a good meal for supper with the curly kale which is due in my veg box and an onion sauce.  As for lunch that will have to be a sandwich I think.

Well that about it for today time to motor on with some of the jobs I have lined up.  Have a good day all.

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