Tuesday morning

2.4 degrees this morning and feeling pretty chilly but at least we don't have any snow yet.  Not that I mind the snow, actually I quite like it, it makes the world look so pretty it is only when it turns to slush that it becomes a real nuisance.  I do realise I am in the fortunate position of not having to battle in to work, I can just sit and enjoy the view.

James has headed off to London for a few days to make sure his flat is in good order and to collect his post.  So we are back to just Mike and I rattling around the house which seems so empty.  I got Basso out on the garden table yesterday and gave his coat a final good brushing and got rid of the last of the burs.  What a pain this has been.  I really must make sure we stay out of those woods in future.  I may well invest in a de-matting comb just in case.

I got all the laundry turned round and put away but the machine is full again so the next lot will go on after Jane had finished.  While I was cleaning in the kitchen I managed to knock my white board off the wall and broke the clips that secure it.  I was gutted as I find it really useful for jotting things down when I run out so I don't forget them off my shopping list.  Anyway, Mike headed straight off to Staples and low and behold he managed to get me another board of the exact same size so the screw fixings all fitted.  Some times luck is on your side.

For lunch I made some yellow split pea and ham soup with the remains of the ham hock we had had for supper the previous evening.  It was truly wonderful and with the lumps of ham in it a substantial meal.  For dinner I had put some mince on in the slow cooker and we had that with some boiled savoy cabbage.  Very simple but very tasty.

The wonderful Jane is due today so the house will get a bit of a birthday not that it looks too bad at the moment.  Jeff is keen to go shooting on Wednesday but as yet I have not managed to contact Shiona so I don't know if she too is coming.  On Thursday I am off up to London to the oriental grocers with my Japanese friend so I will have some guidance with my purchases and she will be able to read a few labels and recognise some of the stranger ingredients. I know that they sell razor clams and I really fancy them for one meal.  [I watched the Hairy Bikers cook these with garlic and chilli and blasted under a hot grill]  Then next week we will have a trip to the wonderful food emporium in Faversham and restock with coffee and continental ingredients [including a nice big Panetone to dunk in my coffee on Christmas morning] which should see us right until the new year.  My vegetable box is due today and I am expecting potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red peppers.  This should see me with plenty of scope for cooking up a storm.  I can feel some hearty soups and stews coming on for this cold weather.  Wrap up warm and have a good day......
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