Thursday Morning

And I really mustn't forget to put the bins out today.  Lots of people put their rubbish out yesterday but with the high winds it got blown around a lot and I was astonished at just how much rubbish people had.  It must be at least double the usual amount.  I got the dogs our bright and early and swung by Tesco on the way back to get some milk.  You should see the mountains of meat going at half price, pork, lamb, beef and of course turkey.  I'm sure a few canny shoppers will be filling their freezers now.  I finished off my vegetable freezing and put the items I had open frozen into vac bags ready to be reheated at a moments notice.

I then set to and cleaned a cupboard out, it was the easiest one so I am starting slowly but if I do one per day including draws it will take me 26days.  Will I be able to keep up my enthusiasm for that long who knows!!!  I have already cleaned both ovens so that is a head start.

Today I have a visit from my next door neighbour who left to go to New Zealand and is home for the holidays so it will be really nice to see her.  I had thought I would go shooting but that has been put on ice.

The Lakeland catalogue came through the letter box yesterday and guess what?   They now have a sous vide machine which is enormously tempting.  Especially as I already have all the vacuum packing equipment.  It is very expensive and I am not sure how useful it would be so I need to think about it for a while before I decide what to do.  In the mean time I am continuing to make bread today I am making a pair of one pound wholemeal loaves to put in the freezer.  I weighed out all the ingredients last night so that I can get it under way early and before the wonderful Jane arrives and will be in the kitchen.  I got some more yeast at the bakery counter in Tesco which they gave me for free.  Lucky me!!!

Well that's about it for this morning I have lots to do so I had better get the show on the road then after lunch I can collapse and rest.  Or alternatively go to the cinema and see "The girl with the dragon tattoo", which I believe is a good film.  Anyway first things first out with the rubbish!!!!

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