Thursday Morning

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Good morning all, well at last I managed to get a decent nights sleep and feel much better for it.  I managed to get all my chores done yesterday the pheasants are now a nice casserole which will be going into the freezer as there is easily enough for 4 and currently we are 2 as James had gone back up to sort out his post and his flat and will not be back until lunch time tomorrow. The presents got delivered and the garden cleared of you know what.

Today the wonderful Jane is coming to clean and we are going to take a run out to Faversham to restock with coffee and no doubt some little added extras.  Yesterday morning I made some scotch eggs and was delighted with the results - no deep fat frying.  I did the usual of wrapping boiled eggs in sausage meat which had been jazzed up with some sauté onion and sage.  Then into flour, beaten egg whites [as that is what I had left over from a sauce] and finally into Panko bread crumbs.  Then into the halogen oven where they cooked browned and crisped up beautifully.  So easy, I usually baulk at doing them because of the deep fat frying but this method is so nice I will be doing more as they are very tasty with a big green salad and make an easy lunch.  I feel some appetisers made with quails eggs coming on!!!!!

No here is a bit of good news I was watching "Britain's Best Dish" yesterday afternoon and discovered that the runner up has an establishment along the road that leads from our favourite camp site to Woodbridge which is the nearest town.  Guess where I am going to go for a meal the next time we go camping? The web site for the pub also has loads of recipes on it so I will have to have a good look through them.  He actually made scotch eggs with pheasant meat as part of his dish together with pheasant breast Kiev.  Sounds good to me and I am always looking for recipes for pheasant.  if you fancy a look

Anyway enough of that time I got on and made a bit of order in the place so that Jane can see the surfaces to clean!!!

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