Thursday Morning

Sometimes fortune favours the brave, we decided to go shooting yesterday despite all the dire weather warnings and as luck would have it the sun shone and we had a lovely day.  It was bitterly cold so we wrapped ourselves up in all our ridiculous hats and coats so we looked quite a sight but we were warm.  I shot quiet well getting a 9 on the first stand however things went a bit downhill there after.  We were extremely flattered when a group of men who were following us quizzed us for all our shooting knowledge and admired our guns.  I think they were pretty new to shooting anyway it was nice to be considered capable.  We came home starving hungry and so stopped off as usual at the kebab shop.  This meal is enough to last us the day and I finished off the salad for supper.

Today's menu is complete as I took out some chicken thighs which we will have in the the lovely Japanese batter this evening and at the same time I put a couple of ox cheeks in the slow cooker to braise.  The chicken off cuts, skin and bones have been boiled to make stock so out of that lot I should be able to cobble together a couple of meals.

I spent the early part of yesterday wrapping up the xmas presents and finishing the cards.  Today I need to get the dogs out for a walk before the weather turns nasty which the forecast says it will.  I do hope it is better by Saturday when the last shoot is on.  I really don't fancy standing in a field in the rain and the wind especially as my cough is still lingering on.  I will make some soup today as we will need something hot to keep us going.  A couple of rounds of sandwiches is not enough to warm you up. I am thinking butter nut squash and celeriac with the good chicken stock should fit the bill.  I also take a flask of hot tea which is most welcome when we are finished and ready to go home and collapse. Once the season is over we can give the car a good clean because at the moment there is almost more mud on the inside than there is on the outside.  Try as you might it is almost impossible not fill it with mud as your boots get completely caked and as we drive between positions there is no way to keep it clean.  

Still no sign of the plumber so I will have to give him a nudge today and hope he comes soon.

Stay warm and lets hope these nasty storms pass us by.......

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