Thursday morning

Shooting was interesting yesterday with all the wind it was quite exciting as the clays were all over the place.  Anyway I was delighted to come in only three shots behind Jeff and to have beaten him on several stands.  We had the usual kebab for lunch which we didn't get until about 2pm by which time we were all starving hungry.  James came home at about 3pm and promptly fell asleep in front of the TV while I knitted a couple of rows.  By the time it was bed time we all agreed that none of us felt much like supper so we just had a ham sandwich and called it quits but not before we checked "".  And yes we were on it!!! there is a small section about the Throwley shoot and if you blink you might miss Basso going up into the woods to look for a lost pheasant.  The black lab at the beginning is Sandi's "Yoda" so they got the best two dog on it!!!!!!

Today I am going to pluck the partridges and get them ready before I have a shower and get ready to Woolwich to the oriental super market with my Japanese friend.  I have an order from Sandi to buy her some "char siu" [Chinese roast pork] which I will freeze for her.  The ox tail that I cooked the other day may end up in the freezer unless we fancy it with some mash and cabbage tonight.    However I am pretty sure we will be buying some goodies which we will no doubt have when we get home.

Now here is a bit of unexpected good news I stood on the scales this morning expecting disaster as I have been off the diet for over a week but to my amazement I have lost another pound so I am very happy.  I have fiddled with the video I hope it works!!!
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