Thursday Morning

Well here we go into December, much to my surprise our bins were collected yesterday despite the day of protest.  I spent most of the morning in the kitchen and made some beetroot and ginger chutney which has turned very well.  I know this as we had some of the left overs with our cold tongue and bubble and squeak lunch.  I also made a large pot of leek and potato soup.   One litre of which is for Saturdays shoot the remainder with some nice croutons is for lunch today.  By the time we got to dinner time I was completely out of gas so we went to the kebab shop and had grilled lamb and salad.  At 7pm we eagerly checked the field sports channel only to be disappointed, nothing about our shoot, may be next week.

Today I have nothing planned, I am still awaiting some parcels to arrive one of which should have arrived yesterday according to the email so hopefully it will arrive today and still no sign of the fleece lined crocs.  I managed to sort out the mess with O2 but now they have cut my service off completely so I guess it will be back on the phone this morning to try and get that sorted.  What a pain this had been...

As today is the first of the month I have several chores to do firstly the meters need to be read and the numbers sent off down the wires.  Then the dogs get their ears powdered - this is prophylactic and prevents ear mites.  Basso with his big floppy ears would be easily prone to this problem but, touch wood, we have religiously done his ears every month and he has shown no signs of the problem.  None of the dogs like the process but they know that at the end there will be a treat so they submit with not much of a fight.  

The weather is still very mild and we are in double figures before dawn which is very warm for the time of year however it is very windy and we have had a few downpours.  I am glad to report that my cold is finally beginning to dissipate and I certainly feel a lot better but still am lacking in energy.   I suppose it is one of the problems of getting older that things take that much longer to get over.  Mike still has a bad cough and even James is still not right so we are all just hanging in there supporting each other.

Well that's about it for today I have no idea what the menu has in store other than a bowl of soup but no doubt I will come up with something.  I have some red peppers so I think a pepper and tomato stew with lots of garlic served with a couple of sausages will have to do.....
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