Sunday morning

Oh what a cold day, we even had a shower of sleet, but we had fun.  Basso did his stuff and found a couple of lost birds in the woods this time getting only a couple of burrs in his coat. As the temperature rose slightly the fields turned from frost to thick mud which made walking difficult as my boots weighed twice as much.  In the end I didn't manage to win the bottle of scotch in the sweep I missed it by one. My guess was for 84 birds and in fact 85 were shot. At lunch time it was all looking a bit grim as they had only got 30 birds but the last two drives were much more successful.  We arrived home in the dark and Basso then had the terrible indignity of having his feet washed.  They were thick with mud so it was a bucket job.  Then it was time for his supper which he wolfed down and passed out in a deep restful sleep.  I was so envious, but I knew if I went to sleep very early I would be up in the wee small hours.  As it is I am up at 3.30 as I only managed to stay awake until 9pm so I must be one of the very few people in the UK who doesn't know the result of "strictly".  Anyway once this is done I will sit with my coffee and watch it on the iPlayer.  The two nice pheasants hanging in the garage will make a nice casserole later in the week.

I intend to take things gently today and just potter at making a roast lunch and clearing up all the hunting gear which is liberally covered with mud.  The washing machine will be working over time and if the sun is shining [free electricity] I will treat myself to the tumble dryer rather than have it all dangling around the house.

As a matter of interest the money we have made from the solar panels covers our fuel costs, both gas and electricity, with a small profit which is rather a nice feeling.   I am so pleased that we took the risk and went ahead with solar panels and a new efficient boiler.  It was a considerable outlay but we will be reaping the benefits for a long time and is a much better return on the money than any financial investments.

Well that's about it we are still just in plus figures at 1 degree but the sky is clear and we look like having a sunny day.

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