Sunday and a day of rest

Yesterday was a day to forget I spent some time in the kitchen preparing lunch and also decided to do the washing as it was bright and sunny which meant we were generating electricity so I treated myself to the use of the tumble dryer. James and I completed the crossword puzzle in double quick time and I finally finished the button band on my knitting.  Leaving just the arm hole bands and it is finished.   However, come the afternoon I was feeling very rough and have had a pretty awful night with some sort of tummy bug. Today I am supposed to go over to Shiona's house and help with the dismantling of the village hall following their play. However, I feel so lousy that I think I may have to cancel. I have taken an immodium in the hope of stopping the trots but I still feel pretty awful. I think a day of liquids only is called for and give my gut a rest.

As a matter of interest the partridges were delicious and so much nicer than pheasant. The flavour of the meat is delicate and while they were tougher than I expected we really enjoyed them.  I have found a home for the pheasant we shot on Friday and the two wood pigeons have had their breasts removed and they are in the freezer for a later date.    Basso was very happy to mooch around yesterday and made no mention of going for a walk.  He goes and nudges my coat and his lead when he wants to go out but yesterday he just slept and ate and slept again.  Perhaps he had the right idea!!!  I must admit that my bed seems a very nice place to be at the moment the only problem is it is too far from the kettle so perhaps the sofa and a blanket!!!!
I'm sure this will pass in a few hours so I am going to molly coddle myself for a bit and see how I get on.  Have good day all....

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