Sunday and a day of rest

Good morning all, it is stupid o'clock but I am awake and bright eyed and bushy tailed.  There is a good reason for this, I fell asleep during "strictly come dancing" last night so that was around 7pm.

We set off for the shoot in the rain at 8am having got up at about 4.  By the time we had arrived the weather had improved and the rain had passed over blown away by some gusty winds leaving the day with lots of cloud and some odd patches of sunshine.  The temperature was mild until the wind got you and that was pretty freezing.  The morning 5 drives produced very few birds and Basso only go one opportunity to pick one up.  We stopped for lunch at around 1.30 and the hot soup and ham and mustard sandwiches were most welcome.  The first of the 2 afternoon drives was in the woods and a few more birds were shot but poor Basso got completely matted with burs so much so that he looked like he had a bird in his mouth but was in fact completely covered in burs.  Not only his muzzle but his ears belly and legs were all covered and believe me they don't come out easily.  I must have spent half an hour getting the worst off him ready for the last drive.  He had a grand time and picked up 6 birds so the day was worth it from his point of view.  The total bag was only 84 and James missed the bottle of scotch by one, however it went to a good home as Sandie won it.  We loaded up with a brace of partridge and a brace of pheasant and made our way home arriving  in the dark at about 4.30pm.  Once we had unloaded the car and had made a cup of tea we then set to and tried to clear Basso of the remaining burs.  After about an hour of torture we gave up and today we will have another go at getting the rest out of his coat.  In future I think I will avoid the woods as this really isn't funny.  Neither James nor I felt much like supper so Mike had the remaining portion of fish pie and we had a slice of toast and a fried egg and copious cups of tea.  Then it was off to bed happy but exhausted.

Today will be a day of rest we will finish off Basso's coat.   The pheasants and partridges will need to hang for a bit longer before they are ready to use but I still have the bolognese sauce.  My boots have half a field of mud still attached so they will need a good clean and all our clothes will need a wash as we were pretty filthy come the end of the day.  Anyway I now have a fortnight to recoup and turn things round before the next shoot which will be the last before Christmas.

Now for a stark warning if you should decide to buy yourself some of the fur lined crocs be warned that you will be unable to remove them from your toasty warm feet.  I even drove back from the shoot in mine and it was all I could do to put my boots on for tramping across muddy fields.  They are seriously addictive!!!!

Well that's about all for today, have a restful Sunday I know that is what I am going to do......

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