Saturday morning

Just a very light dusting of snow from yesterday morning, and this morning we are down to 1 degree so it is going to be freezing when we go to the shoot.  The plan for this morning is to get on many layers of clothing.  Silk long Johns, thick socks, fleece tops all covered with the huge wax jacket and my silly Russian hat with the ear flaps.  I am not sure if I will be able to move but I intend to stay warm.  Its a good job I don't really care what I look like as I am sure I will look a sight.  The things I do so my dog is happy!!  well that is not strictly true I do enjoy it too.
As you can see it is stupid o'clock again and I am wide awake but I think I will sleep well tonight after a day of fresh air and exercise.
The braised ox cheek with the Yorkshire puddings and celeriac purée went down a storm last night the meat was meltingly tender and the gravy thick and delicious.  Not exactly diet food but very acceptable none the less.  Tonight we will have a take away as I am sure none of us will feel much like cooking when we get home.  Then it will be hot baths and warm beds for all  I can hardly wait!!!!
Tomorrow we have a leg of lamb for lunch they were being sold off at half price in Tesco yesterday so that was irresistible.  Then I am hoping to have enough left overs for a shepherds pie and some scotch broth so in the end quite economical.
Now it is time to go and heat up soup for the flasks and make some breakfast as we will need to make an early start and there may be ice on the roads so no speeding.
Have a good week end and I hope you get all your chores done and have some time to relax....
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