Saturday morning

Well dearly beloved I am pole axed this morning.  We may only have been out hunting for 4 hours but they were hard work tramping through jungles of briers.  Basso did his stuff and we ended up with 4 pheasants and 2 wood pigeons.  At one point we had to cross a field with sheep in it and I was asked if he was al right with sheep.  Well I didn't know the answer as he had never encountered sheep before.  The answer to the question is yes he is fine he is terrified of them.  He is a "big girls blouse" and runs away if they chase him!!!!  He had to work very hard and is in a state of total collapse this morning as are both James and I. However, I was pleased with the dog as he worked off the lead for the whole afternoon and was very good with his whistle commands.  Believe me we all need to be very grateful for shops and that we don't need to catch our own food any more. I think we would all be very thin and very fit if we did.

Before we went hunting I had made some individual fish pies and thank goodness I did as they only needed to be put in the oven to crisp up the tops.  James and I were ravenous having just had a mug of soup for lunch.  Hot baths were had for aching muscles and then it was off to bed for an early night.

Today I intend to have a day of rest.  I will sort out the pigeons first thing as they don't need to be hung but the pheasant will have to wait for at least 4 days.  Then I intend to spend some quality time doing the crossword puzzle and getting on with my knitting.  It is very cold today with the temperature down to 1 degree which was to be expected as yesterday was lovely clear and sunny so no cloud cover to keep us warm.  I had put a ham hock in the slow cooker before we went out and it was beautifully cooked by the time we got back, it then followed the fish pies into the oven to crisp up the skin and will be on the menu for lunch today, along with roast partridge and pigeon breast.  A bit of an odd assortment but no doubt it will taste OK with some accompanying vegetables.

The washing basket if full yet again but I think that can wait until tomorrow and the left over soup will do for supper so I really don't have much to do today.  I suppose I could sit and do the Christmas cards which will be one job out of the way.  It feels like Sunday to me having been out yesterday which is normally a Saturday job.  I am very easily confused!!!  Anyway have a good weekend and count yourselves lucky when you go shopping that you have not had to catch your own food......
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