Saturday Morning

My strelizia is in flower, it spends the whole of the summer in the garden and is finally brought in in late October before the weather gets too cold but it is a real pain as it is a very big plant.  However when it flowers it all seems worth it.

Both James and I are up very early this morning which will give us plenty of time for breakfast and to prepare the packed lunch ready for going to the shoot.  The weather is supposed to be very wet this morning but clearing as the day goes on so I hope we are not going to get too wet.  The only saving grace is that it is not at all cold.

Yesterday was a day of parcels the satin sheets have arrived as well as the fur lined crocs which have not left me feet since they arrived.  Well that is not strictly true I did take them off in bed!!! Now all I need is the silk duvet and I will have the most luxurious bed.

I set to and made the fish pie and made sure that the white sauce was good and thick and the mash had some good strong cheddar cheese in it as well as on the top. Cod, salmon and smoked haddock made up the fish mixture with the addition of some hard boiled eggs and some crayfish tails.   As you can imagine it was absolutely delicious and there is a nice big portion left for Mike for his lunch while we are out.  I have taken a bolognese sauce out of the freezer to have with some pasta when we get back as no one feels much like cooking but we are generally pretty hungry.

Basso is still fast asleep but once I get the game bag out and start filling it with all the bits and pieces he gets the idea.

Well that's about it for now I have plenty to do so I had better get going so that we are all ready to leave by 8am.

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