Monday morning

I am filled with envy!!!  I have been awake since 2.30 and the boys are just cuddled up sleeping.  Basso spent most of yesterday sleeping following his exertions of the day before but he did come with me on my trundle round the road delivering the Christmas cards to neighbours and friends.  This morning my computer has decided to play up and it has taken me over an hour to get this photo up.  I don't think the problem is over yet as I keep getting error messages from the photo program despite several reboots.

Yesterday, I was going to rest but in the end I ended up working quite hard.  The washing machine was pressed into action and a couple of loads of muddy clothes were put through.  The kitchen floor got a birthday too, as it was a mass of muddy footprints, and my boots have been washed and now just need a polish once they are completely dry.  The roast leg of lamb was a great success and I cooked it using the meat thermometer so it was just right.  I slid the probe along the bone and once it had reached 77C it was out and left to rest while I cooked the broccoli and mashed potatoes and made the gravy.  The meat has now been stripped off and is ear marked for a nice shepherds pie and a big pot of Scotch broth with pearl barley. I had already made a pot of pea and ham soup earlier in the day and that is now in the freezer for later in the week.  Soup is so useful for lunches especially in this really cold weather.  In my search for a jar of redcurrant jelly I noticed just how grubby my cupboards are on the inside so I guess I can fill dull moments with a bit of very early spring cleaning.   We are below zero this morning for the first time so winter is really here and we had another flurry of snow yesterday lunch time.  According to the weather forecast it is set to get warmer but wetter as the week progresses.  I just hope it doesn't get too warm as I need to use my garage as a very large fridge.  Domestic fridges are never big enough at this time of the year are they?

Well I am now freezing as there is not heating on so I will away to the kitchen and bash the pots and pans which should warm me up a little.  I will deal with the computer problems later when it is warmer.......

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