Monday morning

Well I certainly feel a bit more like a human being today after a day of rest and copious cups of tea. I cancelled our visit to Shiona which was the right thing to do, and instead I finished my knitting and am now at a loose end so it will have to be the Christmas cards.  [Not my favourite job]  Anyway, once it is done, it is done.  Today, I have a trip to the dentist for entertainment.. It is 6 months since the last one so just a check up and the usual sand blasting.

My boots have dried since their outing on Friday so they could use a good clean.  Because they have a heavily imprinted sole they get mud stuck in them and it take a while with a knife to clean them out.  Letting them dry and then giving them a good bang gets the worst of it out but never the less it still needs some knife work.  The a good coat of waterproofing completes the job.  They cost me a fortune so I feel obliged to maintain their up keep.

Fortunately, at the crack of dawn yesterday, I made a batch of pea and ham soup which kept the men fed until supper when the Chinese delivered for them.  However, I have no idea what I am going to do today by way of food.  I think it should be fish as we have so much of it in the freezer so perhaps a nice shellfish risotto will be on the cards.  I have some nice red peppers so they can be burnt and skinned and then dressed with some olive oil as a side salad.  For lunch I think we may have bacon and mushrooms on toast which should keep us going and I can prepare easily and quickly when I get back from the dentist.

Much of the rest of the week is weather dependant Mark the gardener is due tomorrow and we have arranged to go shooting on Wednesday but if it is pouring this will all be off.  We are also booked in for a hair cut tomorrow afternoon which should see us looking reasonable for the holidays.  I have one major job that I would like to get done which is to strip and clean the welsh dresser which is very dusty.  Sadly everything on it needs a quick wash but it does look good once it is done.  Then early in the new year the carpets will need their annual shampoo.  You can imagine with three dogs they get pretty filthy.  I also need to call a plumber as we have a leaking cistern in the upstairs toilet and as we are on a water meter who knows how much water we are loosing so that is relatively urgent.  The water, I hasten to add, is leaking into the toilet not on to the floor so it is not desperate.

Well that's the plan now we have to put it into action it is so much easier to write about it than to actually do it but it does help me clarify where I am going.  Have a good week all and may your plans pan out well....
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