Monday morning

Next door have gone to town with some Christmas lights but the tree is really pretty with just silver balls and fairy lights.  I must admit I am taking a leaf out of Scrouges book and not decorating the house as it will only be us two and may be James for xmas.  I may go mad with a bit of holly and a few candles but that's about it.

I spent most of yesterday trying to remove the burs from Basso's coat with a pair of scissors so now he looks a bit like the sheep dog on the Spec Savers advert.  It is a good job we are not showing him any more!!!  I think I have learned a valuable lesson and will not be taking him into that part of the woods again.

The washing machine was running most of the morning trying to get everything clean and I spent a happy hour cleaning the mud off my boots.  They are now dry so a coat of polish /dubbing will be today's job and then we are ready to go again. I also put the navy blue satin sheets on my bed and what a joy they are to sleep in they seem to be very warm and to my surprise the duvet didn't slide off onto the floor every time I moved.

We took ourselves off to the O2 shop to make sure that my phone is working properly and apparently it is now using the number that I requested but it doesn't show on the phone which still shows the temporary sim card number.  Oh well I am happy at least I don't have to ring everyone and change my number yet again.
I was surprised at how many people were out Christmas shopping on a Sunday morning and the SavaCentre was packed so we beat a hasty retreat.  I did really splash out though and bought a new pair of jeans from M&S at £12.50 as I had torn a large hole in my current pair while hunting on Saturday.  With all the washing of course come all the ironing so that will be where I start this morning.  I hate having washing dangling around the house and want it got rid of at the earliest convenience.  The weather has turned rather cold and the temperature has dropped down to 3 degrees this morning and while there is snow forecast for the north we as yet are nice and clear.

One day this week I would like to take a trip up to the oriental supermarket which is on the outskirts of London so about an hours journey.  I could use the opportunity to restock on some of the ingredients I have missing.  I have used up all my Sake for the Japanese fried chicken and the price of a small bottle in Sainsbury is ridiculous.  I thought it might be fun to take my Japanese friend with me so she can explain some of the ingredients!!!!  I'm not sure if we are shooting on Wednesday but no doubt I will get a phone call some time today if we are on.

Well on that note I had better make a start on the ironing and get that out of the way.  Have a good day all and keep warm if you too are in the cold zone.....

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