The last day of 2011

Yes it is really stupid o'clock and I am wide awake but hopefully I may yet get back to bed and catch a couple more hours.

2011 has been the usual roller coaster ride of ups and downs with large expanses of mundane normality in between.  The older I get the faster the days, months and years seem to fly by.  Where did summer go, it only seems like yesterday.  Can you believe Basso will be 4 in February it seems so little time since we picked him up as a tiny baby and now he is a competent, more or less obedient, adult working gun dog.

Mike has trundled through the year on a more or less even keel health wise, his hips and knees have not got significantly worse and his emphysema seems fairly stable too. His weight is down by 2 stone as is mine which must help. The boys have both had their health problems but seem to be OK for the moment.

I too have had my problems with assorted injuries which have all now healed and I think I am running at about  90% capacity.  However, I think I will need the full 100% to get me through today.  If I don't get back to sleep I am going to be very tired!!!! Not what I need when I have visitors and catering to do.  I have suggested that I fetch our friends as I don't drink, so they can, and I can pour them back in through their letter box in 2012 fortunately they only live some 10 minutes away.

For lunch we are going to have a traditional roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings and for supper, and to sop up the alcohol, we will be having the traditional Italian lentil dish.  Somewhere during the day we are going to take the dogs for a walk as both Len and Margaret like walking and love the dogs but I will have to fit it in around the roast lunch scenario.

Yesterday, I dropped by the butcher and bought the most wonderful couple of ribs of beef which have been really well hung so that is now in the freezer and at the same time I bought the back-end of a turkey which I chopped into its component parts and roasted then straight into the pot and I now have three litres of turkey broth and plenty of meat to make into turkey pie filling all of which will be frozen and ready for a time when I can face turkey again!!!  However, I can visualise a flask of hot turkey broth accompanying us on our next shoot day, especially if it is really cold.

If you are reading this then you too have managed to get through 2011.  How has it been for you?  When I reflect on my troubles I am reminded that at least I am safe, warm and fed and so many people are not.  I'm sure it is a vain hope but wouldn't it be nice if all the conflicts would fizzle out and the armies became redundant.  Oh dear perhaps that is not such a good idea then the unemployment figures would go through the roof!!!  Good job I am not in charge of the world!!!  So I will stick to my little world and try and keep that peaceful and well maintained for another year.

Good Luck to us all for the forthcoming year, let's make it a good one!!!

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