Friday morning

All my plans for yesterday went out of the window with the exception of cleaning one cupboard and making the bread.  My next door neighbour who had emigrated to New Zealand came round for coffee and a chat.  It was really interesting to get some first hand information about the country.  They seem to be settling down but as with all moves abroad it is never quite what you expect and living in a country is so different  from having a holiday there.  For one thing you have a completely different mind set.  Apparently the cost of living is exorbitant, even with things which are locally produced.  The example we were given was that leeks are £2 each out of season and £1 each in season so it is a good idea to grow your own vegetables.  Anyway that aside we had a good long chat and the dogs greeted her as if she had just been away for a couple of days not 6 months.

James returned in the early afternoon as his best friends wife is going into hospital this morning for a hysterectomy which is all a very sad story as they were desperate to have children but she has been very ill for some time and it has finally been decided that this is the best option.  They are however devastated and in need of plenty of moral support.

Now for some good news I have managed to do the puzzle I was given for Christmas it has only taken 5 days so not too bad!!!  What you don't believe me, well look at the picture.

It looks simple but believe me it is anything but as each of the little balls is a magnet with a positive and a negative pole and appear to have a will of their own.

Thanks for the information on the film Marjorie as it happened we never got to the cinema in the end but perhaps today we might make it.

The wind is blowing here and the temperature is down to 5 degrees so not really cold yet but I believe we are in for some rain which will make dog walking a bit unpleasant for me.  They of course couldn't care less about the weather.

We ate very simply yesterday with some bubble and squeak and a fried egg for lunch and a mug of turkey broth and a slice off the new wholemeal loaf for supper.  Today, I have some tomatoes which are on their last legs so they are destined to be stuffed with some sausage meat for lunch and who knows what for dinner.  I must make some preparations towards the meals for my guests tomorrow but I am really not in the mood.  I think it will definitely be the roast leg of lamb which is nice and easy and if I get the lentils on we can have them for supper.  Dessert is nice and easy as Len is diabetic I will make some blackcurrant mousse with diabetic jelly and sugar free vanilla yoghurt.

Well time to get on with the chores of the day.  It is cold with no heating at the moment so ironing will warm me up then it is on with another cupboard.  I hope you are keeping score!!! It is going to be a cliff hanger, will I get them done?
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