Friday morning

A small sop to the Christmas spirit with a bit of holly picked while I was out walking the dogs yesterday.  I only took a few sprigs with berries for which I hope the birds are duly grateful.
I must admit it was lovely to go to the marvellous food shop in Faversham which was crowded but not unbearable.  We bought ourselves some lovely salami and Parma ham to have with our lunch and dinner along with a wholemeal ciabatta loaf.  I couldn't resist the quails eggs which will be made into scotch eggs this morning and a lump of mortadella which is destined to be tortellini.  I also restocked on things like sunflower and pumpkin seeds which get added to various things.  Mike bought his inevitable packet of fudge for which he really has a passion.

As soon as the shops open I will be off to the butcher to pick up my Christmas order then the work will really begin.  My first job will be to bone out the turkey and make the stuffing and get that ready for the oven.  I think this may take some considerable time.  The goose will want breaking up into its component parts as I am cooking it in the Raymond Blanc style, and all the giblets will be made into a rich stock for the gravy.  Tomorrow morning the turkey will be cooked and left to go cold for boxing day.  What a pity the weather has turned warm again which makes everything more difficult as the temperature in the garage is too high.  It is already 10 degrees and the sun is not up yet!!!  this means trying to fit things into the fridge which is not big enough.  I could really do with a couple of days of sub zero temperatures to keep things nice and cold.

On Wednesday Mikes electric razor gave up the ghost after many years of faithful service so I immediately ordered him a new one as a Christmas present and low and behold it arrived yesterday exactly 24 hours later isn't the internet wonderful!!!!

I'm not going to hang around this morning as I have plenty to keep me occupied.  Wish me luck pealing soft boiled quail eggs.  Apparently they need 2 minutes 16 seconds - we shall see.  I will try to keep the camera to hand and take some snaps of the finished results before they get eaten!!!!!


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