Friday morning

Well here we are at then of yet another week.  The forecast big storm either hasn't yet arrived or it has passed us by.  It is pretty cold at 2.6 degrees but it is quite still and and dry.  I took the dogs for a blast yesterday and it was very cold with the wind chill factor but with my huge wax jacket and the hood up I was fine.  Walking along the coastal strip was particularly windy so on the return journey I came back via the fields which are sheltered from the worst of the wind.  In the middle of the field there was a black plastic bag which had caught on a thistle and was flapping in the breeze.  Basso immediately thought it was a flapping bird and was off at a hundred miles per hour to retrieve it.  The look of disappointment on his face when he discovered it was just a bag was really funny.  It is interesting to see the two sides to his character. In the house he is just a loveable clown but when there is work to be done he is force to be reckoned with.  His whole demeanour changes and he becomes very serious, focused and obedient.  Tomorrow sees the last shoot of the year so let hope it is a good one and that he does well.

The soup that I made with butternut squash and celeriac is actually very tasty and the combination works well.   As the celeriac was large I only used half, the remainder I have made into a purée which we will have with the braised ox cheek for dinner tonight.  I quite fancy serving it with some Yorkshire puddings which will make a real feast.

I always find the period leading up to Christmas difficult to cater I never know what to have and meals become a real burden.  So I think I may well sit down and make a plan which should help me to resolve the constant problems of what to have for lunch and dinner.  On Christmas eve we always have fish which is a hang up from my continental past and as I have some lovely trout fillets they have been ear marked for just that occasion.  I will also be cooking a small turkey which will be left for cold meat for boxing day and on through the week.  I have wrapped all the presents ready to be delivered and the cards are done so I am at a bit of a loose end.  I have no knitting to keep me amused so that only leaves cleaning!!! YUK.  I might just have to go and purchase some wool and make something.

Keep warm and have a good day all

P.S. it is now light and we have snow flurries!!!!

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