Friday morning

This morning I am up late but still sleepy, Mike is still coughing badly but I seem to be over the worst of it.  James is staying the night with friends which I am glad about as he needs to get out and socialise a bit now that he is feeling better.  Yesterday we were trapped in the house waiting for a parcel which never arrived which is so frustrating.  We did however manage to get out with the dogs between the showers leaving Mike on door patrol.

I spent some time on the phone getting the new sim card sorted out and now I think everything should run smoothly.  It has been a real mess and not something I would recommend.  I specifically changed provider as with orange I cannot get a signal in Suffolk but O2 is OK so hopefully when I next go to the caravan I will still be able to communicate.

The leek and potato soup we had for lunch was lovely as it was made with a really intense chicken stock so I am looking forward to the litre I have saved for our shoot on Saturday.  Chipolatas and pepper stew made and adequate supper dish.  Surprisingly my weight has not increased despite being off the diet for a good week and eating exactly what I fancy.  However now is the time to rein myself in a bit and try to loose the last couple of pounds before the Christmas binge.

I watched the Hairy Bikers make a fish pie yesterday on the TV and suddenly had a desperate need to make one so I think that it may well be on the menu for this evening.  I will have to have a trawl through the freezer and see what I have by way of fish.  Fortunately my fish monger delivers so I can soon phone him and get any missing ingredients.  In the mean time I can get a pan of potatoes on for the mash topping and the chickens will enjoy some peelings.

The weather has turned cold again and we are down to 4 degrees this morning from 11 yesterday so I guess the sky is clear and we should have a dry day.  Would you believe that we are getting draught forecasts on the TV and they are talking about water rationing.  I find it hard to understand why they can build a pipe line from Siberia to carry gas and oil but it is not possible to build one from Scotland to Kent to bring water.  They also continue to build houses with no thought as to where the water is going to come from to supply those new families.  We are not big water users and a week in a caravan will soon teach you to conserve water when you have to fetch every drop.

Well I am getting cold sitting here typing so I think now is a good time to get the iron on and warm myself up with some hot steam.  Have a good day all .......
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