Friday and a hunting we will go

Two lovely plucked and trussed partridges ready for the oven.  This was yesterdays task then it was off to the oriental supermarket where I bought loads of lovely stuff.  My freezer is now stuffed to the gunwales with prawns and squid and baby octopus so I feel a lovely sea food stew or may be a risotto coming on.  There was a huge accident on the M2 coast bound so we had to make our way back via the M20 as the road was closed but Mike made the drive seem easy as we threaded our way round the back streets to pick up the motor way and avoid the blockage.  For lunch we had some of the char siu meat with inoki mushrooms and pak choi and some glutinous rice not to mention a nice portion of chinese roast pork.  The for supper I really pushed the boat out with some home made dashi which I made with kombu and flaked bonito then added some fish and some prawn balls it was very light but absolutely delicious.

This morning I need to get some leek and potato soup on bright and early as we will be needing a flask of it to take hunting.  We are meeting up a 12.15 which means leaving home at 11.15 which is a bit early for lunch so we will take some with us.  It shouldn't be too taxing as the light will start to go at about 3.30 so it will only be a few hours tramping through the fields and shawls of woodland.

For those of you who managed to see the video, which for some reason, unknown to me, has disappeared now, the person in the black hat is me and when you see Basso going into the woods it is James carrying a couple of pheasants who is following him.  Although the edited version has vanished from my blog the whole episode is available on Utube at But be warned there is a long bit about double barrelled rifles first and a bit about shooting foxes to follow which is not pleasant viewing.   Anyway today will be a real test for Basso as he will be required to do his full job of hunting, pointing and retrieving so lets hope he does well for us. I have dug out my old riding jodhpurs to wear as I really don't want my legs shredded and I have a big waxed jacket to wear which should protect my upper half and keep me warm.

I think I had better organise something for supper when we get home as I am sure I will not feel much like cooking when I get back and we will probably be really hungry. Some thing simple like a big bowl of pasta with pesto and lashings of Parmesan might fit the bill.

Anyway I had better go and make a start on the soup - have a good day all and Joy I do hope you are feeling better soon colds are really miserable things they make you feel so rotten without being really ill.

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