Christmas Eve

Yesterday we picked up the meat from the butcher and as it was so lovely and mild the dogs got a good run.  Then it was on with the major surgery of boning the turkey and dismantling the goose. So here is the turkey all boned out and stuffed and ready for the oven.  Today I am going to roast it and then leave it for cold.  The goose is dismantled and the legs ready to confit.  I managed to render a large amount of the fat for the roast potatoes and the giblets from both birds are in a pot making stock.  The scotch quail eggs lasted all of about 10 minutes before they were demolished.  Other jobs for today are to prepare all the vegetables ready for tomorrow so that there is the minimum amount to do on the day. The cranberry sauce is made and the sausages in bacon are prepared ready for the oven.

Sadly we will have to eat today which is always a nuisance.  For lunch I am going to make a quiche and then for supper we will be having some nice trout fillets and salad.  Once Christmas lunch is over I resign as chief cook and bottle washer and it is every man for himself  - if you can find it you can eat it.

I am a creature of habit on Christmas morning I like to have a large lump of Panetone dunked in my coffee while playing Christmas carols at full volume!!! and to everyone's horror I sing along.  Then it is into the kitchen for the big push for lunch.  The next truly stupid thing I do is to serve a portion of the lunch to my best friends - yes the dogs get a portion too.  Then once the clearing up is done I put my feet up and watch TV and snooze in front of the fire until someone brings ME a cup of tea!!!

This year with just the three of us it should be an easy ride especially as I am so well prepared.  There will be stacks of left overs which should give me plenty of scope for inventiveness.  The one thing I am not going to be doing today is going anywhere near the shops!!!!  I need some milk but the garage will supply that on my way to walking the dogs.  As it is Saturday I am hopeful of a crossword puzzle in the paper which should keep me occupied in the duller moments.

I hope you are all prepared and that your cooking all goes according to plan......  Have a good one!!!!!

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