Christmas day

    Panetone and coffee at 4.30 am in deference to those still asleep I have not put the carols on yet.  I did however listen to carol concert from Kings Last night.  The turkey got cooked and as it was stuffed solidly I have used the thermometer probe to make sure that the centre is cooked.  Today it is the goose that will be in the oven.  The legs getting and hour and a half cooking and the crown only an hour.  Fingers crossed it all works well.  As yet I haven't done the vegetables but there is plenty of time to get a few sprouts and some spuds under way.  It is my intention to over do the the quantity of both so that there is plenty left for bubble and squeak.  There is one really messy job to be done which is to strain off the stock pot which has been simmering for two days with all the carcasses of the birds and the giblets.  This is going to make a soup to die for!!!

    Yesterday, the temperature dropped right down and it was freezing when I took the dogs for their walk,  On the way home we got a news paper and the general knowledge crossword in the Telegraph is huge and will keep me occupied for days.  I generally work through it filling in all that I can from my own brain then it is time for Wikipedia and every other reference source I know.  This is where the iPad comes in really handy.  So far I have only managed to work through the across clues of which there are in excess of a hundred.

    I love taking the dogs for a walk on Christmas day and Boxing day as everyone looks and smells so nice!!!  They are all sporting the new hat, coat, gloves and scarves that they have received as presents and smell wonderful in all the bathing and perfumery items Santa brought.  The children have their new bikes, scooter or roller skates and some times there are new puppies too.  I, of all people, know that a dog is not just for Christmas but if you are going to have a puppy what better time!!!  I well remember my first puppy being a Christmas present and when I opened the box I could have died of pleasure and there began a life long passion for our furry friends.  Over my life I have had almost every type of animal as a pet including a duiker deer called Flag and monkey called chi chi, but none has given me so much pleasure as my dogs.  And as you can see I started training when I was very young with "Tubby" in Nigeria.

    Enough reminiscing time to get on with the day....

    I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and may all the catering go according to plan, eat drink and make merry and to hell with the consequences!!!!! 


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