Boxing day

Yesterday went well and I must congratulate Raymond Blanc on his goose recipe it worked really well but it did require an incredible time plan in order to master all the elements.  Thank heaven I have more than one oven as the goose required 150 degrees then 230 then back to 150 none of which is good for the roast potatoes.  I now have gallons of goose fat for doing roast potatoes for the next 5 years.  Unsurprisingly all that is left of the bird is one leg and some breast slices.  I think it would have done about 6 people at a push but no more.

In the picture you can see the maddening puzzle that James gave me which I had asked for many moons ago and completely forgotten.  The balls are all very heavily magnetised which makes the puzzle almost impossible unless you are a nine year old Chinese boy.  Anyway, we all had terrific fun trying but none succeeded in making the cube with all the beads.

At tea time we broke out the smallest cake you have ever seen as no one likes it with the exception of Mike so it is big enough for one.  The wine bottles give you an idea of scale.

Then finally while we watched Downton Abbey I put a knife through the stuffed turkey and took off a slice or two just to make sure we were completely full.  The dogs didn't do badly either and had plenty of goodies to eat and lots of squeaky toys which Basso as the baby stole and put in his bed.  The older dogs lost interest very quickly and were happy for Basso to commandeer them.  He is also sporting a new hair style with added gravy!!!!

I am very pleased with the results and the chestnut stuffing has kept the bird moist.  Today that is what we will be eating with either pickles or with bubble and squeak made with the left over vegetables.  All the bones have been processed and the stock is very sumptuous.  Today I will reduce it down from the gallon it now is to something more manageable and then get it into the freezer.

How did your day go, well I hope?  It is always a relief when it is all over and everyone is fed and happy.  The dish washer has done sterling service and the kitchen looks pretty clear this morning so all in all a success.

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