Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday we has some pretty sharp showers but fortunately managed to miss them when out with the dogs.  We noticed that Tuc seemed to be moving a bit more fluidly since we have started him on cod liver oil which is added to his food.  All three dogs get a teaspoon full on their breakfast rations which stops any fighting over the smellier food.  Then when got home I got a phone call from my credit card supplier who were checking moneys going out,  It appears that every day since the 24th November the mobile phone company O2 have been taking £10 from my account.  I had signed up to their automated top up system which would top up the phone once it was down to £2 credit.  This seemed like a good idea but as it turns out it has landed me in hot water.  I rang O2 to get this mess sorted out and after some 20 minutes hanging about on the phone they couldn't trace the problem.  The best they could come up with was for me to get a statement from my credit card company and fax it through to them so they can try to trace the problem and refund the money.  Next problem the credit card company will not be issuing a statement until 20th December.  I can however print one off on line once the transactions start to appear as that is always a few days behind.  In the mean time I think I will ring the credit card company and see if I can put a stop on any further monies being taken.  What a bloody mess...... I could well do without this happening over the Christmas period.

Today is bin day and we have plenty to put out what with all the recycling which is also due.  We manage to keep the bag of land fill stuff down to just the one bag but the recycling mounts up and there are usually several bags of that not to mention cardboard and bottles as well.  Still I suppose that that is fortnights worth so it is going to be more.  

I finally finished the last of my scarves last night and I am pleased to say that the ball of wool I ordered from the internet has arrived and while it is a different dye lot it matches beautifully so I can now get on with finishing that piece of knitting.

We had our Japanese chicken last night and it was as good as we remembered it - we ate the pieces as they came out of the pan with a bit of sweet chili dipping sauce it was very yummy.  Not sure what we are going to have today but I know that I must make some leek and potato soup with the left over chicken stock and the vegetables that arrived yesterday.

This rotten cold has left me feeling pretty washed out so I am struggling to keep things going.  James is being a big help and participating where ever he can.  He is a great help in the kitchen and is a passed master at loading and unloading the dishwasher.  I am really going to miss him when he goes back up to London.  In the mean time I will make the most of the added help.

Today is the day of the big strike and while I do feel very sorry for all those who have had their retirement plans ruined.   I am not sure that anything will get us out of the terrible financial mess we seem to be in.  I think it is going to mean pain for everyone.  With the exception of MPs and Bankers of course.......  I must admit I am glad we shelled out for the roof panels and the new boiler which should help reduce our outgoings.

Have a good day all lets hope the disruption is not too awful...........
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