Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday morning Mark arrived and has done a wonderful job of clearing the back garden in readiness for the fence construction which should happen some time this weekend.  He managed to fill two wheelie bins with the stuff he cut back.  So much so that he had to climb in to them and jump on the contents to make it fit.  I finally got to grips with the pond filter and gave that a good clean so the pump is now back up and running.  At this time of the year the pond tends to fill with leaves which is a real nuisance so James spent a good hour fishing them out with a net.

Shiona is coming over this morning and we are due to go shooting but we also have the wonderful Jane due so it is going to be pandemonium.  I noticed on the news last night that the sea France ferries are being stopped for 48 hours so I hope we are not booked on one of them for our day trip tomorrow.   I just checked the email and apparently we are going P&O so no problems.

Last night I made cabbage bolognese which is was rather better than expected I used the cabbage instead of pasta which reduced the carbohydrate content and the sauce had enough flavour to completely drown out the cabbage flavour so it worked rather well.  I then watched Master Chef which was absolute torture.  It never ceases to amaze me that these, so called, chefs have no idea how to deal with certain ingredients.  Marrow bone last night was a particularly unusual ingredient but the mess they made of a crab last week was unbelievable.

In my vegetable box yesterday I got some leeks so this morning I will be making some leek and potato soup which we can have for supper tonight.  I also have a celeriac which will make a nice remoulade and/or celeriac mash/purée.  I think this will go well with our treat meal on Saturday when we are going to have belly of pork.  This will take several days to prepare - Thursday take out of freezer to defrost, Thursday night salt and herb over night - Friday confit in lard and goose fat then press.  Saturday pan fry and eat!!!!!  Recipe courtesy of Gordon Ramsey.  It is a lot of mucking about but I hope it will be worth the effort!!!

And on that note I am off to make soup - have a good day all

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