Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday I felt very hung over and not through drink but just from stress and anxiety.  Jane came as usual and did her stuff but Mark the gardener had been unwell and has postponed until next week.  James had arranged to help a friend who has recently move into a house about half a mile from us.  She had purchased some furniture from Ikea which needed building and the washing machine also needed to plumbed in.  We dropped him off at her house and then went on to take the dogs for a walk and then to Maidstone where there is a Hobbycraft shop.  I have a commission to make 6 scarves for a friend who would like them as Christmas presents.  I bought 3 balls of Can Can yarn for the special offer price of £25 which is not bad for 6 presents.  I am very happy if my costs are covered and don't charge for the actual knitting as I feel that that is therapeutic for me.  I have already finished one scarf so only 5 to go.

For lunch Mike and I had a home made burger with tomato and onions and for dinner I had some wonderful ox cheek stewed in Mackeson stout and mopped up the gravy with mashed swede.  Potato would have been better but needs must in these days of diet.  I also made a pot of celery soup with some of the venison stock I had in the freezer.

Now that I am the proud owner of an iPhone I am spending a little time gradually sorting out my contacts list and incorporating all the details.  Currently it only has some of the phone numbers and some of the email addresses.  By using the iCloud everything should be synchronised, well that is my hope anyway.

Today Shiona is coming over and we are hoping to go shooting but much depends on the weather as I am not in the mood to get cold and wet. However, either way, it will be a kebab for lunch as I have been looking forward to it for days.

On Saturday we are due to go to the shoot and "pick up" so I will need to think about packed lunches for both James and I.  I usually take a handful of biscuits for Basso but he is not interested as he is far too excited and just wants to get on with the job.  I hope the weather improves before the weekend as it has been very miserable here for days.

Well that is about it for this morning time to do some knitting and some data input while the house is still quiet and asleep.  Have a good day all what ever you have planned.....

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