Wednesday morning and bin day

First a note about the Wii fit for Anne.  It is great for showing you how you are standing. I take much more weight on one leg rather than the other and I think this due to the back problems I have had.  There are lots of balance exercises which are fun.  Personally I like the ski jumping!!!  The other day I thought I would do the step class and was merrily stepping on and off the board when suddenly I was struck from behind but 6.5 stones of dancing dog who thought I needed a partner.  Normally we only dance together to "Black and Gold" but he must have thought he had missed the music.
Dancing with Basso when I was 2 stone heavier!!!

It is really maddening I am up at 3 again and just cant seem to adjust to the clock change.  Normally it doesn't matter but I am going shooting today and will probably be knackered by then.  Interestingly we had our first carbohydrate meal yesterday which was a sort of quinoa and veg thing it tasted OK but I was surprised at how little I enjoyed the carb experience.  On the other hand we had a fat meal for supper which was some lamb loin chops with savoy cabbage that I had cooked and added some fried shallots and bacon to.  Now that was worth eating.  This morning 2 of the four pounds gained have gone so I am hopeful that it is just the change from one diet to another that has caused the blip.  I think the kebab I will be having for lunch counts as a carb meal as the meat is very lean and the only carb is the Lavash flat bread the rest is undressed salad.  If I have got it wrong it will just have to count as a treat!!!! because I am going to have it anyway.

The wonderful Jane had her car written off by a lorry at the Dartford crossing and fortunately was uninjured though badly shaken.  She is now ambivalent about seeking compensation despite the fact that she is receiving 5 weeks of physio on her back. She feels it is immoral as she was not really injured but my advise was to take it as they are not going to give her the full price for her car and she needs to replace it.  Yes it is immoral but not taking it is also stupid, a very difficult call to make.   What price morals!!!

Well that about it for this morning time to get the ironing board out and get started on the sheets - ho goody goody my favourite  :(


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