Wednesday and shooting

Yesterday was a relatively peaceful day we managed to dodge the showers and get the dogs walked then it was back via the butcher.  Sadly my veg box was not delivered and will be coming today so I was a bit stuck.  We munched our way through the remaining cold meats for lunch and for supper we just had some mince and the last potato so not much really.  I bought some chicken thighs to do a Japanese recipe from my new book and I also bought some lambs hearts which are going to be stir fried.  I have cleaned them of all the tubes and fat and very finely shredded them so they should be fine.  The remaining mince is going to make a bolognese sauce which we have with shredded cabbage in lieu of pasta.  I will get that on first thing in the slow cooker so it can happily cook for hours while we are out.

Today is dustbin day and also our green waste day which is just as well as I have two wheelie bins full and ready to go out.  Jane came and did her stuff yesterday so we are nice and clean at the moment.  I had two new pillows arrive and so I am putting the old ones through the washing machine.  They are really horrid when they come out as they are goose down and it turns into a wet lump.  However, once dried off a bit and put through the tumble dryer with a couple of tennis balls they come up like new.  James got his bike back in time for his appointment in Bromley so other than being £100 lighter he has not been too inconvenienced.

Jeff and Shiona will arrive around 10am then after coffee we will head out to the shooting ground - I only hope I shoot as well as I did last week.  The weather looks good and we should no longer be shrouded in mist and fog which will make a pleasant change.  We seem to have been living inside a cloud for the last week or so.  The weather also looks good for Saturday and the pheasant shoot so Basso should have a good day.  As yet I can't decided what to take by way of a packed lunch it is difficult without bread or pastry but I think perhaps a flask of hot soup might fit the bill.

The new fence is proving a little difficult as Basso considers the patio too close to the house to use for a toilet and despite much encouragement he refused to use it which means I have to keep the gate open for him after his meals but it really is only as a safety measure when we are out or in bed asleep.  I kept the gate shut for 48 hours but to no avail he just hung on and waited for an opportune moment.  The other two dogs had no such qualms and caused no problems.

Well that's about it for this morning I am off to make the bolognese sauce and get that slowly bubbling.  I expect we will be having the usual kebab for lunch which makes my life nice and easy.  No cooking and no washing up what more could I ask for......

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