Tuesday morning

And still this dratted cold drags on.  I don't feel particularly rough but the pipes are all bunged up or dripping which is just a real nuisance. We had a quick dash out yesterday to replenish the cold remedies which with three of us down at the same time mean they are getting used up quite quickly.  While I was in Sainsbury I bought some chicken wings to make soup with and some thighs to do the Japanese fried chicken which everyone so enjoyed.

The wonderful Jane is due today so I will need to have a bit of a tidy if she is to be able to clean.  However first I need to do some work on the chicken soup.  Now that the wings have had the life boiled out of them they will need picking over and the dogs can look forward to a chicken meal or two.  We will have the soup for lunch with some pastina in it and plenty of Parmesan cheese.  As you can see the diet has gone to hell but while I am under the weather I really can't be bothered with it.  I can always start again once I am fully fit, at the moment I am looking for minimum effort for maximum enjoyment.

I have cancelled shooting this Wednesday as it is obvious that I will not be well enough to really enjoy it and I am bracing myself for another shoot on Saturday.  Usually they happen fortnightly but we are only having one week between this time so I will need all my strength for that.  You would be very surprised at how heavy 6 pheasants can be when you have to walk miles across a muddy field with them.

Yesterday the weather was much colder but today we are back into double figures so the mild period is continuing lets hope it last until the weekend.

Good luck with the Ancient Greek exam Anne - hope the cramming went well!!!

Well that's about it for today time to get going on that soup.

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