Tuesday morning

Lets start with some good news I have lost a bit of weight despite my incredible blow out on Sunday and a meal in France on Thursday but still about 6 lbs to go before I reach nirvana.  I felt much better yesterday after some good sleep and plenty of water to drink so I think my problems were all down to tiredness and over eating.

Now for the not so good news James motor cycle was vandalised during the night and pushed over on its side which broke the rear brake and foot peg so it is now in the bike shop to be repaired.  He had to ride it very gingerly to the garage with us in the car directly behind in case of problems.  He really needs the bike today as he has his first appointment in for counselling in Bromley and if the bike is not ready in time he will have to go by train. Fortunately the faring was not damaged which would have cost a lot more even so the broken bracket is going to be £60 before labour.  Sadly our road is a direct route from the pub to the not so salubrious area of town which means we are often subject to vandalism car wing mirrors being a frequent target.

Once the bike problem was sorted I spent the day relatively quietly pottering in the kitchen.  I took Basso to my Japanese friend to have his dew claws trimmed.  He has these on both his front and back paws and the ones on the back grow really long and curly.  As we are working on Saturday I was afraid he might catch them and cause himself some damage.  Sadly, I cannot manage to both hold him and cut his nails. It is really a two man job and as she has Giant Schnauzers she is used to handling big dogs. He really loves going to her house as all her dogs are bitches and he really loves them, not that he knows why!!!!

For lunch we had a cold beef salad and I dressed the green salad with a Japanese lime which is much more like a tangerine in flavour with a hint of lime in the background - difficult to explain but very nice to eat.  I have kept some pips and planted them in a pot just to see what happens.  I also removed my hyacinths from the cupboard under the stairs and have put them in the light in the hope that they might flower for Xmas.

The house looks like a Chinese laundry with clothes draped everywhere so this morning I will set to and iron and get it all put away.  The weather has been terrible lately we seem to be living inside a cloud!!!  cold damp and misty/foggy.

Food today is going to be difficult as I have so many bits and pieces.  One portion of smoked chicken, one portion of potato soup, one portion of beef salad, a bit of smoked salmon and a lump of cheese.  Not ingredients for a meal of any sort.  Unless you include bread and make some sandwiches... I suppose I could make some Dukan galettes instead of bread and fill those with the assortment of goodies.  For dinner I have some wonderful fillets of trout which we can have with a tomato salad.

Well on that happy note I with love you and leave you and get on with something constructive........
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